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have some questions?

LMP Instant Support

We may be able to help you find instant answers to some questions you may have. You can search for a topic, a question, or an FAQ.

Of course, you may always reach out to us directly by email or phone, too.

  • How old do I need to be to rent a vehicle from LMP?

    The minimum age for a driver to rent a vehicle with LMP is 25* years old.

  • Renting a car and I’m under 25 years old.

    For drivers between the ages of 21 to 24 a Young Driver Surcharge will apply. If you are a Young Driver, restrictions will apply for certain vehicles. Please see a rental agent for more details at the time of vehicle pick up. All Exotic Rentals are excluded.

  • How long do I need to have held my driver's license for to rent with LMP?

    In order to rent with LMP, all named drivers (including any additional drivers) have to be in possession of a valid driver’s license, for a minimum of 12 months.

  • What proof of identification or documentation do I need to bring with me to pick up the rental vehicle?

    We require a valid driver’s license for all named drivers. If a renter’s driver’s license is in a language other than English and the letters are not in English (i.e., Russian, Japanese, Arabic, etc.), an International Driver’s Permit is required.

    Any driver’s license originating from countries that are not a signatory to the Convention on Road Traffic must also be accompanied by an official translation. Check to see if your country is a signatory here.

    Renters not from the United States must provide a valid, government issued, secondary form of identification such as a passport.

    For domestic renters using a debit card, two utility bills will be required for proof of residence.

  • Can I return the vehicle outside of normal business hours?

    No, you must return the vehicle during our normal business hours, which are listed by location at www.lmprentals.com.

  • When is an additional day charged?

    All vehicle rentals are charged based on a 24-hour billing period. Additional day(s) charges apply when a rental exceeds a cycle of 24 hours.

    If you are late with your rental vehicle, please give us a call at 305-849-9376.

  • What are the Terms and Conditions for renting a vehicle?

    To view our full terms and conditions, please visit our Terms and Conditions page on our website.

  • Is smoking permitted in the vehicle?

    All rental vehicles are non-smoking vehicles. Renters who choose to smoke in a rental vehicle will be subject to a $250 cleaning fee upon return.

  • Will I be covered by my own insurance?

    Renters that choose not to take coverage with LMP are required to provide their insurance carrier and policy number in the insurance field of the rental contract. Visitors from outside of the United States must purchase insurance coverage through LMP in order to rent a vehicle with us.

  • Am I responsible for parking fines / traffic offenses?

    Renters are solely responsible for any parking fines, traffic offense fines and related administration fees incurred during their rental period.

  • Can someone else other than myself drive the vehicle?

    All drivers must be listed on the rental contract and must also provide their valid driver’s license for our review before becoming a named driver on the rental agreement.

  • Is there a fee for additional drivers?

    Yes, we charge a fee of $12.99 per day for additional drivers.

  • Can I return the rental vehicle to a different location than where I picked it up?

    No, all rental vehicles must be returned to the location from which they were originally rented.

  • Can I book a vehicle and pay for it even if I will not be the person who picks up and drives it?

    No, at the time of booking, the driver’s name must be provided along with the credit card used for payment. At the time of pick up the driver’s license and credit card must match the name of the driver on the reservation.

  • What accessories do you provide?

    We offer child safety seats, cell phones, and GPS systems for additional fees.

  • Can I drive my rental vehicle out of state?

    No. Our rental vehicles may only be driven in the state in which it was rented in.

  • Local renter’s requirements

    In-state renters must present two recent, original utility bills that match the name and address on the driver’s license used. Photo copies, printouts, and digital images are not permitted, and these bills must be no more than 30 days old.The amount that will be authorized includes the rental price as well as all additional charges and purchased items or services. We require a valid driver’s license for all named drivers.

  • How can I obtain a quote for a vehicle rental?

    You can get a quote instantly online at www.lmprentals.com or by calling us at 1-305-849-9376.

  • What is included in the quote/price?

    Unless otherwise stated, the quoted rental fee displayed on the final page when booking online includes:
    • Daily rate
    • State taxes
    • Additional extras (if selected)
    • All surcharges and fees (if applicable)

  • How long is a quote valid for?

    A quote should just be used as a guideline and is not binding until a reservation has been booked/confirmed.

  • Can I be guaranteed a price after a quote has been given?

    No, our quotes/rates/prices fluctuate throughout a day as prices are dependent on the availability of our fleet along with the demand of those vehicles.

  • Can my rental fee change after my reservation booking has been confirmed?

    No, once you have a confirmed reservation, your rental fee will not change unless you make further changes to your reservation.

  • What is pay-on-arrival?

    A Pay-on-Arrival reservation does not require full payment until the pickup of the rental vehicle. These reservations generally cost more than paid in advance reservations; however, Pay-on-Arrival reservations are free of cancellation or change fees.

  • What is a prepaid reservation?

    Pre-Paid reservation requires full payment for your rental upon booking, regardless of whether you confirmed your booking either online (through a third-party agent or directly with our Reservations team. If you cancel a Pre-Paid reservation, a cancellation fee (up to the full cost of your rental) may apply.

  • How do I change or cancel a reservation?

    Any changes or cancellations to your reservation can be made via our website at www.lmprentals.com or by e-mailing us at Info@lmprentals.com.

  • What is the cost to change a reservation?

    Changes to Prepaid reservations can be made up to 48 hours prior to the start of the rental period (subject to availability), and maybe be subject to a change fee. If the rental cost increases as result of the change, then we will not charge a change fee. Changes to Pay-on-Arrival reservations can be made at any time free of charge. All changes are subject to availability and current pricing.

  • How much notice must I give in order to cancel a reservation?

    Cancellations can be made at any point prior to the start of the rental period. No shows are subject to a no show/cancellation fee if they do not call or pick up the vehicle within 1 hour of the initial arrival time. The no show charge will be the complete amount of the rental and will be charged to the customer in full. Call 305.849.9376 to update reservations prior to scheduled arrival times. All no show fees are non-refundable.

  • Will I be charged if I cancel my reservation?

    All Prepaid reservations will be subject to a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee will be up to 3 days of the rental rate including additional extras. If the rental period is less than 3 days, the cancellation fee will be the full rental amount. Pay-on-Arrival reservations may be cancelled without penalty or cost.

  • Can I extend my rental?

    Per your rental agreement, you are only permitted one extension per reservation. Extensions for up to an additional 5 days can be done by phone by calling 1-305-849-9376. There is a $25 per day extension charge plus the daily rental cost. Any extensions beyond the extended 5 days must be requested in person at the rental location. We may need to authorize an additional security hold in connection with your extension. All extensions are subject to availability and must be requested prior to the expiration of rental contract.

  • Can I return early?

    Early returns on rentals are non-refundable regardless of inclimate weather, rental vehicle accidents that occur during the rental, length of stay changes, family or pet illnesses that may arise, or changes to business schedule and will be subject to a $25.00 early return fee.

  • Is insurance coverage included in my rental?

    Unless stated on the rental agreement, insurance is not covered under your rental. However, we offer insurance coverage through LMP for most vehicles.

  • What is a Loss Damage Waiver?

    Loss Damage Waiver, or “LDW” is an optional product that we offer that waives your financial responsibility for any loss or damage incurred to the rental vehicle, provided you have not violated our Terms and Conditions.

  • Are additional drivers covered under an LDW?

    All additional drivers need to be added on the rental agreement, so they can benefit from all coverages purchased at LMP. A charge for second/additional drivers will apply. Certain exclusions apply. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details.

  • What happens if my rental vehicle is damaged during my rental period?

    You will be charged for any damages to your vehicle that occurred during your rental period, that are not otherwise covered under the LDW.

  • Can I use my own automobile insurance for the rental vehicle?

    Yes, you can use your own personal automobile insurance coverage for a rental vehicle. Each policy is different, and it is best to contact your carrier to ensure you are covered for the type of vehicle you are renting. Proof of coverage must be provided at the time of rental. Foreign residents or individuals without appropriate automobile insurance coverage must purchase coverage from us in order to rent a vehicle.

  • What payment methods are accepted by LMP?

    We accept all major credit cards, including American Express, MasterCard, Discover, Diner’s Club, and Visa.

    We may accept debit cards – at our sole discretion – for vehicles other than premium, luxury, or exotic vehicles. Out of State renters choosing to pay using a debit card must present two valid forms of government-issued identification, proof of available funds, and one of the following:

    A return airline ticket/roundtrip flight itinerary upon pick-up or proof of residency showing residency outside the state of pickup.

    We do not accept:
    • Pre-paid cards
    • Visa Electron cards
    • Electronic use only cards
    • Maestro cards
    • Checks
    • Cash

    If you have any further questions, please email us at info@lmprentals.com or call us at 305-849-9376.

  • Can I pay for my rental in advance?

    Yes, you can pay for your rental in advance on our website, at www.lmprentals.com, or by phone at1-305-849-9376.

  • How do I cancel my reservation?

    You can cancel your reservation either by logging onto our website at lmprentals.com or contacting us by email at info@lmprentals.comor by phone at1-305-849-9376.

  • Can I pay for a reservation using a company credit card?

    In order to use a company card, the name listed on the method of payment must match that of the primary renter listed on the reservation and rental agreement.

  • What deposit would I have to leave?

    For credit card users, we authorize a minimum of $200, plus the rental fee. For debit cards users, we require a minimum charged deposit of $200 plus the rental fee. These funds will not be available to you during the rental. The actual deposit required will vary by vehicle type. For more information please visit our website at www.lmprentals.com or by email at info@lmprentals.com.

  • What is the difference between an authorization and a deposit?

    An authorization is an amount held on your credit card and may be used for the deposit. This amount will show as a pending amount on your card until the rental is completed. Once the rental is complete then the deposit will be released to your card. A deposit will actually be charged to your card at the time of rental and will show as an actual charge.

  • How long will it take for my deposit/ authorization to reach my account?

    Please allow up to 10 business days for the funds to clear and become available in your account following the end of your rental term.

  • What do I need to provide for renting a luxury or special vehicle?

    For premium, luxury, or extraordinary vehicles, payment must be made using a major credit card only. We also require that you present a second credit card upon pick-up. Select luxury vehicles and all exotic vehicles require proof of valid, full coverage insurance with limits in place to cover the value of the vehicle being rented.

  • When will I be contacted about damages to the vehicle?

    In the event we identify additional damage after you return your vehicle, we will notify you within 2-5 business days following the return of your vehicle. Please note, timing of such notice may be delayed during busy periods.

  • How will I be contacted?

    The initial notification will be sent via electronic mail and/or post mail.

  • How can I dispute a damage claim?

    We take all complaints and disputes very seriously, and always welcome feedback on the service received or the processes we use. In order to keep a record of such, we do ask that all complaints/disputes be submitted in writing, either by email or post, using the following details:

    Email: info@lmprentals.com

    By Mail:

    LMP Rentals
    601 N State Road 7
    Plantation, FL. 33317

    By Telephone: 1-305-849-9376.

  • I have been involved in an accident, what should I do?

    If you are involved in an accident, stay calm and make sure to stay out of harm’s way.
    Contact police by dialing 911. Once you have called the police, please call LMP Rentals at 1-305-849-9376.
    Take photos of surrounding area, intersection and vehicles involved. Use caution when taking photos.
    Obtain information on all parties involved in the accident.
    Obtain a police report from the responding officer.
    Complete a damage report, located in the in the glove box of your vehicle with as much information as possible.
    If your rental vehicle is still drivable and safe to operate, you may continue in the vehicle until the end of your rental period. If your rental vehicle is not drivable, please contact our office.

  • What should I do if my vehicle breaks down?

    Stay calm and make sure to stay out of harm’s way. Call the appropriate roadside assistance number in your rental jacket for the brand of vehicle you are driving and call LMP Rentals at 1-305-849-9376 immediately after.

  • Is glass and tire damage covered as wear and tear?

    No. Any damage to the glass and or tires are the responsibility ofthe renter. We do offer additional coverage products to cover these items.

  • I have an issue with my rental vehicle, who can I contact?

    If you experience any mechanical or damage issue with your rental vehicle during the rental period, please contact LMP at 1-305-849-9376.

  • My rental vehicle has damage that is not noted on the Rental Contract, what should I do?

    Our vehicles should always be checked by our experienced Agents, however, oversights can happen. It is the responsibility of the renter to inspect the vehicle for damage before leaving the rental facility. If damage is discovered, return to our office and notify us of the damage.

  • Can I repair my rental vehicle?

    No, our vehicles cannot be repaired by renters. LMP has their own authorized repair facilities.

  • How do I find out the fuel type of my rental vehicle?

    Normally, stickers are placed on to the fuel doors and or caps, to advise you of the fuel type. However, if this is not the case on your rental vehicle, please contact us at the number on your rental agreement before re-fueling. If you believe you have re-fueled the vehicle incorrectly, do not drive the vehicle, as this is likely to cause further damage, creating a greater cost to rectify. It is imperative that it is reported to us on the number above. Please be aware that the incorrect re-fueling of our vehicles is excluded from your loss damage waiver, and the full amount will be charged to you.

  • Will I be charged an Administration Fee for any damage handled?

    Yes, all damage claims are subject to a reasonable Administration Fee. The Administration Fee applied to each damage claim is determined by the invoice amount (these may be subject to change at times of our review).

  • Are Pets allowed in the car?

    Yes, pets are allowed in LMP vehicles, provided the seats are covered, or the animal is kept in a cage/carrier. Please be aware a vehicle cleaning fee may be applied should the vehicle return soiled.

  • Can I choose a specific make and model of car after making my reservation?

    No. We are unable to guarantee a specific make and model, however we will be happy to accept requests for any particular preference you may have (this is not guaranteed).

  • Does the vehicle come with fuel?

    The vehicle will be provided with fuel and must be returned with the same amount of fuel. If a customer chooses not to refuel the vehicle to the same fuel level, we will charge a $50 flat re-fueling fee.

  • What do I need to check before I drive the vehicle away?

    It is important to check the vehicle before you agree to sign the Pre-Rental Vehicle Condition Report, as this lists all pre-existing damage and is used to determine if there is any ‘new damage’ to the vehicle upon return.

  • Does my rental car come with a SunPass transponder?

    No – customers may use their own SunPass transponder in the vehicle to pay for any tolls in the SunPass system; or, customers may pay the toll in cash, where possible.

  • What if I go through a SunPass lane without a transponder and don’t pay cash?

    LMP has established the “OnePassTM – LMP” service to process your tolls due.

  • How does OnePass – LMP work?

    You will be charged a $7.95 convenience fee for each calendar day when tolls are incurred, plus the amount of each toll incurred at the highest undiscounted rate. This service covers the SunPass network of toll facilities here in Florida.

  • When will the toll charges show on my credit card statement?

    Charges typically appear on your payment card statement within one week of completing your rental with LMP. You may look up toll charges for your rental at www.OnePassTolls.com.

  • Who do I contact with toll related questions?

    For any questions on the program rules, customers can call the OnePassTM Customer Service Center at 1-877-My1-Pass (1-877-691-7277).

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